The create-me journey ⟶ our process

Listen (to)-me

Over a coffee, this phase is all about getting to know each other: you’ll learn more about us, and how we’re proposing to work to- gether, and we’d like to know more about you, what you envisage for your project (the brief), what architectural style you like, your time line, your budget.


In this phase, we carry out a thorough analysis of the site, we:
study the site potentials and constraints
understand regulatory background
research the site’s uniqueness, history, significance and location


Combining what we learnt in the meet-me and analyse-me phases, we look for ‘the big idea’. This comes intrinsically from each project and will be the base for the future design. This is where the fun really begins! We prepare the first presentation to show you the initial sketches, options and ideas!
In this meeting, we agree which path our journey will take next.


Now that we’re off to a good start, we firm up the design working towards a concept completion. In this stage we also study different aspects of the space such as sustainability, functionality, user experience, views and building style. For this process we may use parametric tools to define the spaces or specific elements of the proposal.


The feedback loop tool, is a system we use to take a step back and reassess the project. We:
• investigate what can be improved
• combine our findings with your feedback
• review the non-obvious solutions… our favourite exercise: think outside the box!
We do this at various stages of the project and until we’re happy with the results.


With a clear view of the proposal, this is the time to get everything in order to get any approvals required and to start thinking of pricing and construction.


We find that the best results are when we travel together until your project is built. In this phase, we like to be there with you to ensure we can sort out any deviations that the road might bring